• 400g high-quality white chocolate, chopped into very small pieces (or you could use candy melts, which don’t need to be tempered, if you are in a rush)
  • Wilton oil-based food colouring


  • a silicone alphabet mould
  • toothpicks

We discovered this silicone alphabet mould from a gorgeous blog called and just couldn’t get enough. Check out Lyndsay’s blog. These chocolate letters are a ridiculously cool way to make big, bold and edible cake toppers. Use to spell out your favourite word – TOTES AMAZEBALLS, I HEART CAKE, OMFG ITS YOUR BDAY.


First you need to temper your white chocolate (see our tempering recipes here). Working quickly, add a couple of drops of oil-based food colour to the melted chocolate and stir to achieve your ideal colour. Then pour into your chosen letters in the mould. Carefully pop out any air bubbles with a toothpick and scrape off any excess from the top of the mould with a palette knife. Leave to set. (You should leave real tempered chocolate to set at room temperature, as it may lose the wonderful tempered shine you have created if you put it into the fridge.)

If you are using candy melts, simply melt, fill the moulds, and set in the fridge. You can stir flavours into the chocolate too – just make sure you use oil-based extracts without alcohol, to ensure the chocolate doesn’t seize. You can also add freeze-dried fruits, such as raspberries and strawberries.

Use to decorate a show-stopper.