Tiered pavlovas


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Tiered pavlovas!

Wedding & big party pavlovas!

3 layer tiered pavlovas!

Tiered pavlovas are a thing of beauty, with 6 layers of meringue disks – sandwiched to create a layered pavlova cake.

This product shows our 3 layer heart pavlova, but we can also make the disks round.

Decorated in our signature vibrant, fun & fresh style – with mascarpone cream, berries, meringue, macarons, flowers + more.

This feeds 40-50 people.  Fresher is better, this should be collected/delivered as close to the serving time as possible.

We prefer collection of these cakes, as they are fragile – but we can courier within London if absolutely needed (just bear in mind distance, potential damage + heat in the summer months).

We can of course go larger! Wider & higher! 6,7,8,9,10 layers!!! However, these need to be set up in the venue – please email us at hello@meringuegirls.co.uk to see if one of our team is available to do this.  This is available for London venues only, and costs £150 + taxis to/from the bakery + venue. Subject to availability of the team.

Alternatively, we can bake the elements for you / a baker friend / your caterers to assemble – the disks of meringue last really well, so can be collected/delivered at least a week before the event. We also provide the meringue kisses + macaron shells.  Then simply whip double cream, buy lots of berries, edible flowers + assemble yourselves.  We can create any shapes/sizes you desire. Email us for a quote.