Meringue Kisses


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Our meringue kisses are crispy on the outside, mallowy in the middle and made with all natural colours and flavours.

Call or email us for anything bespoke.

Choose between:

  • Gift bag of 1 larger kiss – £2 (min order 30)
  • Gift bag of 1 larger kiss branded – £2.50 (min order 30)
  • Gift bag of 3 kisses -£3 (min order 30)
  • Gift bag of 3 branded – £4.50 (min order 30)
  • Gift bag of 5 – £5 (min order 30)
  • Gift bag of 5 branded – £7.50 (min order 30)
  • Gift box of 35 – £35
  • Gift box of 35 branded – £52.50
  • Gift box of 54 – £54
  • Gift box of 54 branded – £81
  • Wooden event crate of 170 – £165
  • Wooden event crate of 170 branded – £250

Each box will have a selection of the following flavours (or you can choose just 1 or 2)

If you would like specific flavours, please list these in the optional message / enquiry box.

  • Caramel (Unicorn Poo Rainbow)
  • Watermelon (Pink & Green)
  • Raspberry (Pink)
  • Passion Fruit (Orange)
  • Lemon Sherbet (Yellow)
  • Pistachio & Rose (Green)
  • Gin & Tonic (Blue)
  • Sour Cherry (Purple)
  • Coconut (White)
  • Hazelnut (Amber)
  • Chocolate (Brown)

To add branding/edible logo to your meringues, just email us a high res JPEG to

Either collect from our bakery, or add a courier delivery in the checkout – please note these can only be couriered within London.

Our meringues have a 2 week shelf life. Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture. Gluten free, free range, all natural colours and flavourings.

Meringue kisses ingredients: 

Caster sugar, free-range pasteurised egg whites, natural food colouring and natural flavourings as below:

Rainbow  – caramel essence, pink and green with black sesame seeds – watermelon essence, pink – freeze-dried raspberry, Orange – passionfruit essence, Yellow – lemon essence and citric acid, Green – rose essence and chopped pistachios, Blue – juniper essence, Purple – cherry essence and citric acid, White – coconut essence and desiccated coconut, Amber – ground hazelnut, Dark brown – 100% extra brute cocoa powder

All of our products are hand made in a bakery that handles nuts, gluten, dairy and sesame.  We take every precaution to avoid cross contamination but we do not advise eating our products if you have any allergies to these ingredients.

Please note: for gift bag kiss orders placed under the 30 bag minimum, the order will be refunded.

Product photos: Creative Caboodle