Lemon meringue pie online workshop

THE LINK TO THE COURSE: https://app.workshop.ws/checkout/course/lemon-meringue-pie

HERE IS A LINK TO AMAZON where you can find the gear we use: http://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/meringuegirls 

In this online workshop we share how to create the Meringue Girls famous lemon meringue pie recipe.

You will learn all our tips and tricks, and will be able to create your own LMP as you bake with us through the workshop.

The course works through all the step by steps  – including videos on foolproof pastry, lining + blind baking.  Moving on to tangy lemon curd, and the perfect Italian meringue.

Then bringing it all together to assemble the perfect lemon meringue.

Below is the equipment & ingredient list.

A fantastic gift for a budding baker, and a great course to own to create your own perfect meringue pies time & time again.

Perfect to perfect for the festive season.

A one time payment of £35.

Once bought, the course if yours to keep forever. 

We will be on hand via email for any questions during the course.

Ingredients for a 9 inch LMP:

1. 280g Plain Flour 

2. 2g Salt

3. 920g Caster Sugar

4. 650g Fridge Cold Butter

5.360g whole eggs

6. 60g egg yolks

7. 180g egg whites

8. 360g Lemon Juice (you can also substitute this juice for any other citrus fruit for example orange, lime or grapefruit to create a different flavour meringue pie)

9. 11g Agar Agar

Suggested equipment:

1. 9 Inch Deep Fluted Tart Tin

2. Stand Mixer with paddle and whisk attachments

3. Cling Film

4. Rolling Pin

5. Baking Paper

6. Baking Beans (or Uncooked Rice)

7. Heavy Bottomed Saucepan

8. Whisk

9. Wooden (or Heatproof) Spoon

10. Cooking Thermometer

11. Large Serving Plate

12. Turntable

13. Small Palette Knife

14. Blowtorch