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Box of 100 compostable piping bags.

No more plastic waste from piping (hooray!)

It would be fabulous to see these in professional kitchens around the UK!


The product complies with the certification criteria EN 13432 (09-2000)

They have the ‘OK compost INDUSTRIAL’ conformity mark.

This means that they compost in industrial composting facilities (at temperatures between 55 to 60°C), not garden compost, but local councils collecting food waste will safely take these to compost with other food waste.

They are a great size to pipe meringue, buttercream, icing, chocolate… theres nothing we’ve found it doesn’t work well with.

They are strong, and slightly textured, and easy to hold & squeeze.

They are also good to paint inside to colour meringue etc.

19 inch length.

Posted Royal Mail tracked 48 UK wide.

Each box includes 100 bags.

(Yes, they are slightly more expensive that regular plastic piping bags, but we think its a worthwhile investment to reduce plastic waste!)

Big love pipers! x